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Within EXPERLIGENCE, we believe that the act of doing business is a source of added value production. This value must be beneficial for the employee, who derives satisfaction from personal fulfillment, as well as for the Company. Likewise, the sharing of knowledge makes both Man and Company more intelligent and generates progress.

Our mission is to accompany the individual to help him to:

  • Do not give himself any limit

To accompany, to train, to develop the competences of each one, it is also for ourself source of stimulation and development of its own capacities.

  • Be in confidence

The more the Company is in trust, the more flexible and creative it is.

In our practices we mean to privilege a positive look on ourself, without any judgment on the other. This positive outlook makes it possible to have an ethical and responsible stance favoring the conditions necessary for the success of the mission and the transfer of skills

  • Undertake

In order to reinforce the autonomy of each one in the implementation of operational solutions, it is important to accompany the leaders, future leaders, and their teams to help them:

    • to federate all their energies in the service of a shared vision and strategy,
    • to realize their ambitions,
    • to stimulate creativity and innovation.
  • Agile sharing with the customer who “co-builds”

Sharing is a source of multitudes of unifying virtues of value creation.

The involvement of different contributors, including the client, in a project contributes to the success of the mission.

  • Use our ‘common sense’ and the potential of everyone

To use common sense is to read and understand reality as it is without trying to complicate it unnecessarily.

Our role is to generate the right questions, use the right methods and the right tools to solve the challenges posed to us while simplifying as much as possible£.

Our role is also to:

        > Contribute to a better knowledge of ourself and others;

> Promote awareness of our’s own resources and interactions with the environment;

> Facilitate the development of skills and the identification of motivations

  • To be co stately moving, in a dynamic of “progress plan”

We are not satisfied with what we know, what we have accomplished: we can always do better and find a solution to simplify our daily life while going further in our achievements taking into account the daily achievements.

  • To enrich ourself with differences

The expression and recognition of difference and diversity is a real source of progress that should be used without restraint for the benefit of the Company.

There is no THE solution but A specific solution, adapted to the needs and context reviewed by each company…

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